Columbus Day will be our 4th annual fundraiser for Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam. Ray of Light is a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for many types of animals, but has a high focus on equines. This November will bring another batch of PREMARIN rescues–little baby horses who were slaughter-house bound, but will now have a second chance on life. 100% of proceeds for the day will be donated to the farm to help support their ongoing rescue efforts. Come enjoy some of our delicious ice cream and help out a great cause. open Noon-5:00pm Columbus Day

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  1. Torri Buchwald says:

    Hi Jane, I have a small donation for yesterday’s fund raiser from one of my seniors from class in Hebron. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it there yesterday. I hope you had a successful day 🙂 Can I paypal it to you or send you a check? Or…will you be coming to Zumba class?? – Torri

  2. admin says:

    Hi, Torri-
    I thought I just replied to you, but then this page came up! I am not an “experienced blogger”, so to be sure I will re-do this.
    The fundraiser was a HUGE success, and I gave Ray of Light Farm a check today for just over $3,200. Don’t know when I’ll get back to your Zumba, but probably right after store closes at end of October.
    I believe Ray of Light has PayPal on their web page, so could you please go to that and directly give them the donation? Their site is
    Please send a very special thank you to your senior. Every bit helps, and we all really appreciate it!

    See you soon…and thanks! Jane

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