Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Our 2014 is well under way, and despite the rain coming our way today, we ARE open! We never close for rain…even though some days we want to 🙂 Check our facebook page for current flavor listings. Facebook is where you will find the most current information, but you can always call us with any questions.

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Fall Update/ Fall flavors

This is our last week of being open every day. From now till the end of the season, we will be open Thursdays through Sundays, from Noon-8pm.

WE WILL BE OPEN COLUMBUS DAY, from Noon-5pm, for our 5th Annual Fundraiser for Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam. 100% OF SALES for the day will be donated to the farm for their ongoing animal rescue efforts.

As always, we cut back on flavors after Labor Day. As of today, there are still about 60 choices, but that will continue to diminish the later into October we get. Stop by while the weather is still gorgeous!

FALL FLAVORS still in cabinets: Apple Pie, Eggnog, Frozen Pudding. Pumpkin is year-round, but worth mentioning because so many think we only have it in the fall.

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Newest Flavors

Coffee Cookie Dough and Guava are newest flavors in cabinets. Couple more tubs of Basil till we run out for this season. (Basil was a MUCH bigger hit than expected, so will be back next year!) Still haven’t gotten to Salted Caramel, but will try to have for Labor Day weekend.

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Newest Flavor-Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is our newest flavor in the cabinets. Only made two tubs, and one is already almost gone!
Blueberry will be out as soon as we can find space for it. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip still available, as is Basil, for some of the other new flavors. Black Cherry Sorbet seems to be a keeper for now, too.

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Hours Update

We’ve been staying open until 9pm on weekends almost since we opened, despite what our website says. We are now open everyday until 9pm. As soon as schools lets out, we will be staying open until 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lots of new/ occassional flavors were put out recently, including Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cotton Candy, Stars and Stripes (Vanilla ice cream with Blueberries and Strawberries swirled in). Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip coming out any day now, still selling Basil. Come stop by for a treat!

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New Flavors now available!

Basically all the regular flavors are now out in the cabinets for the season, with almost no exceptions.

Brand New Flavor…not permanent, but here for now…is Basil Ice Cream. Sounds eewwy, but it’s really good. Idea came courtesy of a trip to Peru where it is a common flavor.

Also, after several years of not being able to get ingredient, Pralines and Cream is back!

Newest Soy flavors are Vanilla, Black Raspberry, and Black Raspberry Banana. Double Chocolate Fudge is still available, too. All are Dairy-Free and Vegan.

Warmer weather coming again so come get some ice cream!

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OPEN for the Season!

We’ve opened for the season…yeah! Noon-8pm Thurs-Sun for first two weeks, then Open 7 days days a week, Noon-8pm, beginning April 9th. We’ll stay open later as season progresses and/or depending on the weather.
NEW FLAVOR…Chocolate Almond Chip. Self-explanatory, but it’s Chocolate Ice Cream with Almonds and Chocolate Chips. Great combo!

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Fundraiser was a HUGE success!

Yesterday was our 4th annual fundraiser for Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, and thanks to the beautiful weather, it was a record day for the event! Today I gave the farm a check for just over $3,200–which will REALLY help their rescue program.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support the event, and enjoy Sam and Cody’s wagon rides.

Thank you, also, to my volunteer crew of scoopers! Talia, Sam, and Andrea worked very hard throughout the entire event, and Paul came in for the last hour and clean-up. Great kids to be volunteering their time!

Thanks, also, to Cedar Knoll Farm for providing the wagon rides. They were a big hit.

As great as our day was, the farm can always use more support. You can visit their website at rayoflightfarm.org to learn more about them, and even to make a donation on line.


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Columbus Day will be our 4th annual fundraiser for Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam. Ray of Light is a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary for many types of animals, but has a high focus on equines. This November will bring another batch of PREMARIN rescues–little baby horses who were slaughter-house bound, but will now have a second chance on life. 100% of proceeds for the day will be donated to the farm to help support their ongoing rescue efforts. Come enjoy some of our delicious ice cream and help out a great cause. open Noon-5:00pm Columbus Day

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Dairy Free/Vegan flavors back

Forgot to post that Dairy Free/Vegan ice cream is back in the cabinet. Made a new flavor–Strawberry–that came out great. Also made another batch of Double Chocolate Fudge that’s better than the last one!

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